Integrated Management System (IMS) Policy

We, at National Peroxide Limited (NPL) are committed to manufacture and supply of Hydrogen Peroxide, Sodium Perborate, Peracetic Acid and Hydrogen Gas leading to excellence in overall operational performance of our Organisation by :

Establishing and achieving the objectives relevant to Quality, Environment, Health, Safety, Security, Energy and Green House Gases.

Ensuring compliance to all applicable statutory and other requirements related to Health & Safety (OHSMS), Environment (EMS), Quality (QMS), Energy (EnMS), Green House Gas (GHG) and Responsible Care.

Providing visible leadership and implementing the relevant Responsible Care guiding principles with the involvement of senior management, employees, suppliers, contractors, transporters, customers, stake holders, external interested parties and the communities.

Providing environment friendly, safe, healthy, secured and clean work practices with consideration of relevant internal and external issues/context.

Development of competencies of employees, suppliers, contractorsand transporters; by effective education, communication and motivation.

Prevention of non-conformities, pollution, work related injuries, ill healthand elimination of hazards and OH&S risks by periodic assessment of the status of health, safety & environment and by taking all the remedial measures.

Continual improvement of health & safety performance of individual employees, organization’s performance and effective resource utilization to ensure the sustainable development.

Promoting openness byeffective communication with employees, suppliers, contractors, transporters, customers, stakeholders, external interested parties and communities.

Ensuring cost effective, ecofriendly, safe, secured and energy efficient designduring the procurement of all equipment, utilities, products,servicesand during the selection and placement of personnel.

Ensuring effective maintenance with operational control and monitoring of all processesleading to improvement in overall IMS performance.

This policy shall be periodically reviewed and updated by the management to meet the changing circumstances.